Bryden Lang

Director - Sunshine Coast

"Upon completing his degree from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Bryden joined the Sunshine Coast team in 2009. After 9 years within the business in roles as an Assistant Valuer, Registered Valuer and Residential Valuations Manager, Bryden successfully continued to build on his success to become Director of Residential Valuations at Herron Todd White, Sunshine Coast, where he oversees one the most experienced residential valuation teams on the Sunshine Coast.

Equipped with extensive knowledge in all facets of the residential property market, Bryden has vast experience and expertise in valuing a variety of property types across both the coastal and rural Sunshine Coast markets.

Bryden also has extensive experience in providing specialised advisory services valuations, including pre purchase, pre-sale, curtilage, capital gains tax and Family Law valuations in addition to further professional valuation services as required."